17th November 2011

The debate over the welfare of animals in agriculture used to be limited to activists. Now, it’s become a major concern for agricultural producers, as consumers become more aware of the issues involved and new polices on the subject are being...
Digital Journal

16th November 2011

British Veterinary Association (BVA) President Carl Padgett told those attending the organisation’s recent North of Ireland Annual Dinner that on the important issue of animal welfare, it remains a case of the EU catching up with the UK.
Farming Life

15th November 2011

The UK is considering imposing an import ban on eggs from hens kept in battery cages to protect domestic producers, a peer has said.
BBC News

7th November 2011

Online grocer Ocado has become the latest UK retailer to ban the controversial speciality foie gras.

28th October 2011

The names of the first members of England's Animal Health and Welfare Board have been announced by DEFRA.
Farmers Weekly Interactive

27th October 2011

PETA says that park has violated provision banning slavery in the United States
The Independent

23rd October 2011

A major overhaul of Guernsey's animal welfare laws could be complete by 2012.
BBC News

22nd October 2011

Despite the economic downturn and dampened consumer confidence over the last few years, interest in ethical shopping and particularly animal welfare, has continued to grow.
Institute of Grocery Distribution

20th October 2011

Britain may be a nation of dog lovers, but the habit of giving unhealthy treats and titbits to family pets has caused an animal obesity epidemic.
Daily Mail

7th October 2011

The Co-operative Group’s strong animal welfare record has helping it scoop a top RSPCA award for the third year running.