FVE survey on the use and applicability of animal welfare indicators in farming

Sunday, January 31, 2021

The FVE are keen to find out which animal welfare indicators are used most by practitioners to measure animal welfare problems on the farm. 

Animal welfare indicators can be resource-based indicators (e.g. enough food, wide enough stable, clean drinking water, access to pasture, etc), animal-based indicators (e.g. body condition, bruises, lameness, behaviour, etc) or based on data such as production or slaughterhouse feedback (e.g. yield, mortality, footpad lesions, etc). As inspiration, to see a longer list of indicators per species, see the annex of our  FVE position paper on Animal Welfare Indicators to monitor farm animal welfare: https://fve.org/cms/wp-content/uploads/058_AWIndicatorsPaper_finaldraft18sept2018_GA_adopted.pdf

The FVE would be grateful for input from veterinarians - the survey can be found at: EUSurvey - Survey (europa.eu)

Deadline is 5th February 2021