Brooke launches new equine welfare indicators tool

Tuesday, February 9, 2021

Brooke has launched a new Animal Welfare Indicators Repository this week.  

The aim is to make Brooke’s animal welfare indicators readily available so that others around the world can learn from Brooke's experience in this area and better support working equine welfare.

Brooke have developed this site to share resources on welfare assessment in an easily accessible format.  This free online repository currently includes more than 40 animal-based welfare indicators, with guidance on scoring criteria, assessment protocol, photographs and supporting information on welfare issues.  The intention is to continue to evolve and increase the content over time, adding more indictors and resources in future as knowledge and practice develops further.  

The repository can be used in a teaching, learning or research context, as well as directly in the field by equine welfare practitioners during programmatic activities.

For further information see this short article here: