Red Mite Research Focuses on Animal Welfare

Monday, June 22, 2020
The Poultry Site

Merck Animal Health conducted research in 2019, studying the impact of red mites on the welfare of hens and changes that occur when you control the mites.

The research focused on stress indicators in chickens.

“We know that poultry red mites have an impact on the productivity of hens, but this study shows us why that productivity is impacted by the mites. These stress indicators show mites are causing a problem with the hens related to their welfare outcomes,” said Bill Vaughn, marketing lead for the US poultry business with Merck Animal Health. “Things like hens not being able to sleep at night because that's when the red mite does most of its damage. The mites do a lot of feeding of blood from the hens at nighttime and the hens can't sleep. Just like humans, if you can't sleep at night, you are definitely stressed out during the daytime.”

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