Stricter checks on imported rescue dogs needed, research warns

Tuesday, January 14, 2020
University of Liverpool

Confusion over the correct procedure for importing rescue dogs into the UK could mean many dogs are bypassing important additional checks, new University of Liverpool research published in the Vet Record warns.

The majority of owners who took part in a large survey believe their overseas rescue dogs arrived in the UK through the European Union (EU) Pet Travel Scheme, which is intended only for pets of known health history travelling with their owner. Rescue dogs should instead be imported under the EU Balai Directive, which requires more stringent health and background checks and an Intra Trade Animal Health Certificate.

In recent years, the number of dogs imported legally and illegally into the UK has risen and often involves dogs rescued from southern or eastern Europe. To try and find out why and how people in the UK import rescue dogs, the researchers ran an open online survey that was targeted at dog rescuers bringing animals in from abroad.

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