A-LAW: Book Review: Lucy's Law

Wednesday, June 10, 2020

Book Review: Lucy’s Law – The story of a little dog who changed the world, by Marc Abraham

By Mina da Rui, LLM student

In 21st century Great Britain, legal reasoning paths are slowly widening as human rights, environmental dysfunction, and animal injustice come to the fore of public consciousness. Animal law is a niche area of law, a tentative but growing jurisprudence. This growth paved the way for an animal law success story recently, one that captured the imagination of our nation’s people, governments, parliaments, media, and celebrities, after almost 10 years of hard campaigning.

Author Marc Abraham is, along with ex-breeding-dog-turned-canine-celebrity Lucy, the key figure in the campaign. His tale of how the for-profit sale of puppies and kittens by third parties – the basis for the existence of puppy farming, which relies on third-party dealers – came to be banned in Britain, under Lucy’s Law, is every bit the heartening, humbling, and unlikely David & Goliath myth, and contemporary animal justice campaigners the world over can expect to find themselves irresistibly inspired, educated, and encouraged.

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