Attempt to ban farrowing crates in UK Agriculture Bill rejected

Saturday, March 7, 2020
The Pig Site

A Labour MP unsuccessfully attempted to insert an amendment into the Agriculture Bill banning farrowing crates before the Bill is ratified.

According to reporting from the NPA, during Committee Stage debates in the House of Commons, Cambridge Labour MP Daniel Zeichner tabled a, “probing amendment” that would, “end the use of sow farrowing crates, subject to delayed commencement at the discretion of the Secretary of State.”

The new clause would allow for a phasing out of farrowing stalls while making resources and financial support available to farmers who want to improve the conditions of farrowing sows.

Zeichner acknowledged that the amendment was a, “contentious subject”, he stated that, “the public take the issue seriously and we would all like it to be achieved over time.”

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