Microchipping your pet is the best New Year’s resolution you could make

Thursday, January 2, 2020

The government and animal welfare charities urge pet owners to microchip their cats and dogs this New Year.

The government and leading animal welfare charities are urging pet owners to microchip their cats and dogs this New Year, to give them the best chance at being reunited if their pet gets lost or strays.

Microchipping pets, and ensuring the data is kept up to date, is a vital part of being a responsible pet owner. Thousands of cats and dogs end up in rehoming centres every year and a microchip offers the best chance of identifying lost pets quickly and safely.

Since compulsory dog microchipping was introduced in 2016, 92% of dogs are now microchipped. Furthermore, data from Dogs Trust has shown a 15 percentage point decrease in dogs handled by local authorities since the change in the law as microchips allow them to be scanned and safely reunited with their owners before they formally become a stray dog.

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