Lidl GB launches new method of production labelling scheme

Sunday, June 30, 2019
Compassion in world farming

We are delighted to announce that Lidl is the first British retailer to voluntarily introduce a method of production label on its fresh chicken products.

The discount retailer will be trialling the labels on all of its fresh chicken across Scotland, England and Wales over the next six months. If successful, the labels could be rolled out across other meat products in due course.

Combatting consumer confusion

The label aims to combat consumer confusion by being transparent and descriptive about the welfare standards of their chickens, enabling their customers to make more informed purchasing decisions.

Dr Tracey Jones, our Director of Food Business, said: “Lidl’s voluntary labelling scheme is all about transparency – labelling standard production as well as a variety of higher welfare options. It will undoubtedly make it easier for consumers to make informed choices when they are out shopping and support those farmers that are committed to higher welfare production.”

Leading the way

We believe that all meat and dairy products should be labelled by method of production, to show the conditions in which each animal was reared. When consumers understand the welfare standards behind the food they buy, many opt for higher welfare.

Our Head of Compassion UK, Nick Palmer, said: “We congratulate Lidl for leading the way on meat labelling in the UK and encourage other retailers to follow suit.

 “Method of production labelling is empowering for consumers, fairer for farmers, and has the ability to improve the lives of millions of farm animals each year.”

Honest Labelling

Join us in calling on the Government to introduce mandatory method of production labelling of meat and dairy products.

Find out more about our Honest Labelling campaign.