UK poll shows 84 percent of consumers want British production standards for all imports post Brexit

Monday, October 28, 2019
The Pig Site

The government should ensure that all imported food meets the same high animal welfare and environmental standards in place on British farms, says a new report from the British Guild of Agricultural Journalists.

The study found that just 16 percent of people would buy food they know is produced to lower animal welfare standards if it was cheaper than food produced to a high standard.

BGAJ President Baroness Rosie Boycott said: “The results of this study are a stark reminder to government that the public values the high standards of British farming.

“There will always be countries able to produce cheaper food than Britain but it always comes at a cost. It could be the safety of the food, the farmer, an animal or the environment.

“With Brexit on the horizon we’re on the brink of potentially seeing lower quality food imports flooding into the country.

“The survey resoundingly shows there’s no appetite for it and it’s the responsibility of government and the entire supply chain to put the safeguards in place to protect both British farmers and the consumer, who’s heads may still be turned by attractive price deals in tough economic conditions, despite how they have responded.”

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