Pioneering scientist with ‘unique window’ into minds of animals to headline BVA Congress

Monday, June 24, 2019

The pioneering American animal welfare scientist, bestselling author and autism spokesperson Dr Temple Grandin will share her unique insights into animal welfare within livestock handling facilities and the benefits of good stockmanship at the 52nd Wooldridge Memorial Lecture at BVA Congress during this year’s London Vet Show (14-15 November).

In her lecture titled ‘Improving Stockmanship and Welfare’, Dr Grandin will present key learnings from her lifetime’s work on humane livestock handling, from how visual distractions make animals refuse to move through a handling facility and the principle of the ‘flight zone’, to point of balance principles for low stress handling and the benefits of good stockmanship. She will also consider welfare assessments with an emphasis on animal-based outcome indicators and discuss the problems associated with over-selection for production traits.

Dr Grandin, a Professor of Animal Science at Colorado State University and author of hundreds of publications on animal handling, has had a long and distinguished career that has had a major impact on the meat and livestock industries worldwide. Almost half of all cattle processing facilities in the US and Canada use her innovative centre track restrainer system to reduce stress at slaughter, for example, while her writings on the principles of grazing animal behaviour have helped livestock keepers reduce stress during handling. 

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