Knowledge of lungworm still low amongst dog owners

Saturday, September 21, 2019
Veterinary Practice

A new survey exploring dog owners’ understanding of lungworm has found that there are still significant knowledge gaps around the parasite

While half (52 percent) of dog owners are aware of lungworm, 39 percent admitted they don’t know exactly what it is, and a further 1 in 10, mostly younger respondents, were unaware of lungworm entirely.

A fifth (21 percent) of the dog owners surveyed by Vets4Pets also said their dog has had a case of lungworm, while a quarter know a dog who has had a case of it.

Dog owners in London (39 percent) were one of most likely to have directly experienced lungworm in their pet, according to the survey, but surprisingly 40 percent of those in the north east of England, where the parasite isn’t known to be prevalent, said their pet has had a case of lungworm.

Most worryingly, a fifth (19 percent) of dog owners whose pet has actually had a case of lungworm admitted they still weren’t entirely sure what it was, while 5 percent didn’t know at all.

Vets4Pets is now working with Bayer to close the knowledge gaps by raising awareness of the disease amongst dog owners, as well as offering advice on how important, but simple, it is to prevent.

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