Wound management in reptiles

Monday, November 11, 2019
Veterinary Practice

From first- to fourth-degree burns, what are the best ways to treat thermal burns in reptiles?

Thermal burns are a common presentation for a range of different reptile species. It is unknown exactly why they are so prone to thermal injury, but it has been theorised that reptiles have different pain receptors compared to mammals. This could explain the lack of withdrawal reflex in response to thermal pain, as reptiles will continue to sit upon a heat source that is causing thermal burns (Mader, 2006). Thermal burns could also be an indication of a clinically ill reptile that is weak or unable to move away from a heat source. Burns can be classified from first to fourth degree (Pees and Hellebuyck, 2019) and can have significant systemic consequences if not recognised and treated correctly....

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