Nottingham academic wins the Nordic Prize for Alternatives to Animal Testing

Monday, December 2, 2019
University of Nottingham

Dr Alison Gray, from the School of Veterinary Medicine (SVMS) at the University of Nottingham has won a prestigious international award, recognising her commitment to replacing animal use in antibody production.

Dr Gray, who also founded the non-profit organization AFABILITY, has been awarded the Nordic Prize for Alternatives to Animal Experiments, which is given to a researcher or research group who has made a contribution in the field of alternatives to animal experiments.

The annual prize was established in 1996 and is jointly funded by the Swedish Fund for Research Without Animal Experiments, the Danish Alternativfondet, and the Finnish Juliana von Wendts Stiftelse.

Dr Gray has been promoting the use of animal-friendly antibody production techniques using bacteriophage viruses instead of live animals, which has enormous potential for reduced animal use and improved scientific quality.

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