It’s Time to ‘turn our food system round’

Tuesday, July 2, 2019
Compassion in world farming

Yesterday (Monday 1st July), we presented a new report at an All-Party Parliamentary Group event on Turning the Food System Round.

Far-reaching changes for our food system

Policy-makers are beginning to recognise that far-reaching changes in UK food and agriculture are needed, but are unclear as to how to achieve those changes. At the session, we launched our report examining the steps that should be taken by Government to help evolve to a food system that is nourishing, sustainable, equitable and humane.

The report looks at how to address a number of core issues including:

  • the detrimental impact of intensive agriculture on soils, water and biodiversity;
  • the value of moving to agroecology and other forms of regenerative farming including rotational crop-livestock systems;
  • the need for farmers to receive a larger share of the income generated by the food chain;
  • how to develop policies that ensure that everyone including the most disadvantaged can access nutritious food that enhances rather than undermines their health;
  • the need to build animal welfare standards that respond to our obligation to them as sentient beings.
  • ...follow the link to read the article in full on the Ciwf website...