New Online Horse Behaviour course launched

Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Organised by Quadam Veterinary and taught by Valerie Jonckheer-Sheehy MVB MRCVS MSc LAS Dip. ECAWBM (BM) Dip. ECAWBM (AWSEL) The course is designed to give the veterinarian in the field the tools required to diagnose and treat basic horse behaviour problems.

The syllabus covers broad themes in horse behaviour. To find out more visit: 

Week 1. Introduction to evolution & behaviour: What is a horse? 

Week 2. Horse Communication & Learning. 

Week 3. Horse Domestication, Repetitive Movement Disorders, Welfare and Environmental Management. 

Week 4. Diagnosing behaviour problems. 

Week 5. Treating behaviour problems. 

Week 6. Neurobiology. 

Week 7. Psychopharmacology. 

Week 8. Case presentations.