WAFL 2021

8th International Conference on the Assessment of Animal Welfare at Farm and Group Level

We are living in a time of significant global challenges and changes. Improving animal welfare can help in tackling many of these, so the science of animal welfare has a large part to play in helping attain a sustainable way of living in the future. There is also growing awareness and concern amongst many people around the world regarding the treatment and welfare of animals, and our responsibilities towards them. This has led to a growing shift in focus away from simply ensuring that managed animals do not have poor welfare, and towards providing them with a good quality of life.

The WAFL conference is an international scientific conference on the assessment of animal welfare at farm and group level, held once every three years. We hope that you can join us at the conference to share and learn about advances in this field of study, and help to strengthen connections between animal welfare scientists around the world. Communications on any topic related to the assessment of animal welfare are very welcome, particularly those which fall into the following themes:

  • Transdisciplinary approaches to measuring animal welfare

  • Back to basics: practical solutions to improve animal welfare

  • Animal health and welfare: Interchangeable or interdependent?

  • The role of animal welfare in addressing global grand challenges

  • Humans in the animal welfare loop

Abstract deadline 1st March 2021.

Monday, August 16, 2021 to Thursday, August 19, 2021