ASAB winter meeting - Behavioural Biology in Animal Welfare Science

For this year's ASAB Winter Meeting, organised by  Prof Mike Mendl and Dr Suzanne Held, we invite presentations on theoretical or empirical questions about behavioural biology relevant to animal welfare science, including the following.

Can principles of adaptation and optimality be used to predict how animals behave in captivity?

What aspects of evolutionary history and current niche influence how different species adjust to life in captivity? How does domestication alter behavioural control and expression?

How are motivation and behavioural control affected in captivity to generate puzzling phenomena such as abnormal repetitive behaviours? How can such behaviour be prevented and controlled? 

How do personality differences and cognitive abilities influence an animal’s ability to cope with challenge, and how are they affected by gene-environment interplay during the process of development? 

If welfare is primarily determined by an animal’s emotional state, how can we conceptualise and measure such states, and are they consciously experienced?

Can we use changes in behaviour to detect and predict welfare problems?

Institute of Zoology Meeting Room
London Zoo
United Kingdom
Thursday, December 6, 2018 to Friday, December 7, 2018