Forthcoming animal welfare events

1st October 2020 to 3rd October 2020

Oude Vismijn
Sint-Veerleplein 5
9000 Ghent
Theme: "Anthropomorphism" Where can it take us? Now postponed until 2021 - keep up-to-date by visiting the website.

8th October 2020 to 9th October 2020

sserli Research Institute,
University of Vienna, Medical University of Vienna, University of Veterinary Medicine
A-1210 Vienna
   First Conference for the Network of Veterinary Humanities    In recent years, there has been an interest in veterinary science/medicine from the humanities and the social sciences. From this perspective, Veterinary medicine is not just applied...

2nd August 2021 to 6th August 2021

The Chancery Pavillion
Bangalore Karnataka 560025
Theme: Developing animal behaviour and welfare: Real solutions for real problems Due to the outbreak of COVID-19, the organizers of ISAE 2020 and ISAE Council have decided to postpone the ISAE congress in Bangalore India to August 2021. The new...

16th August 2021 to 19th August 2021

University College Cork
Co Cork
8th  INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON THE ASSESSMENT OF ANIMAL WELFARE AT FARM AND GROUP LEVEL The 8th International Conference on the Assessment of Animal Welfare at Farm and Group Level has been postponed from August 2020 to 16-19th August 2021....