AWSELVA Conferences

AWSELVA hosts twice-yearly conferences where delegates can hear leading experts speak on topical animal welfare issues. AWSELVA meetings are characterised by rich discussion and a significant amount of the programme is allocated to debate. The diverse make-up of the Association’s membership ensures that a wide range of perspectives are presented and explored.

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Horse Himalayas

3rd March 2021

To speak horse in the Himalayas and Argentina: To what an extent does communication between humans and horses depend on a “language”, and how does it differ in different cultural contexts? Yancen Diemberger from the University of Exeter presents on the cultural dimensions of communication with horses Presentation details: A Tibetan manuscript which describes...

2nd December 2020

  The recording of the meeting is availble by clicking this link: Please scroll forward 3 minutes into the video for the session to start. Depending on your settings you may need to click the audion button for the sound to appear. Since 1995 AWSELVA has...
Starlings courtesy of Richard Burkmar

21st November 2019

The use of language relating to animals is fundamental in all our interactions with them. Whether relating to animal law, policy and welfare prosecutions, in the media and wider society or the language employed when talking to pet owners about the animal they care for, language has meaning. It impacts on the way animals are perceived and regarded by us and their status in a...
Bristol Vet School

14th May 2019

On 14th May 2019, AWSELVA will be hosting a Strategy Day at Bristol Veterinary School. The AWSELVA Committee will be present and members are encouraged to attend. The purpose of the day is to shape the future strategy of AWSELVA; identify topics to focus on, discuss ways to engage members and a broader audience, and establish plans for the organisation to present and promote...
Seminaris Hotel

27th September 2018 to 29th September 2018

The conference takes place from Thursday 27th September to Saturday 29th September 2018 with the ECAWBM-Welfare study day on Wednesday 26th September and the ECAWBM-Behaviour study day  and the ESVCE workshop on Sunday, 30th September.
corvid intelligence

12th September 2018

AWSELVA held its 2018 UK conference in London and focussed on animal sentience in relation to animal welfare law and ethics. The conference was held at Mary Sumner House, Westminster, 12th September 2018 10.00am - 4.30pm Speakers at the conference were: Professor Donald Broom, Professor of Animal Welfare (Emeritus) in the Department of Veterinary...
Mary Sumner House

17th January 2018

A vet may be asked to assess an animal’s welfare by a range of people, including DEFRA, the RSPCA, the police and members of the public. When this happens, is the veterinary examination the starting point for animal welfare assessment or a missed opportunity? Wednesday January 17th at Mary Sumner House, Tufton Street, London  
Hogarth second stage of cruelty

14th September 2017 to 16th September 2017

Free range hens under tree cover

20th October 2016 to 22nd October 2016

The ECAWBM/AWSELVA/ESVCE/PSIAnimal 2016 Congress was held on 20th-22nd October in Cascais, Portugal What constitutes a good life for sentient animals? Is the notion of a good life distinct from the avoidance of suffering? How should we promote positive experiences for farm, laboratory, companion and other animals? If we have duties to promote positive welfare...
German postage stamp showing man beating chained dog

13th April 2016

This promises to be a great conference on the theme of 'Suffering', held jointly with the Association of Lawyers for Animal Welfare (ALAW) at the University of Surrey. Travel information: By car: Vet School Main Building, Daphne Jackson Road, University of Surrey. Guildford. GU2 7AL. NB: please use GU2 7AD  for Sat Navs Please request a...

26th March 2014

Ethical issues surrounding companion animal obesity, a survey of animal euthanasia and the role of social science in animal welfare were some of the topics explored at AWSELVA's Spring 2014 conference, held at Nottingham Veterinary School.

11th April 2013

There is increasing recognition that the earth's natural boundaries are being pushed to the limit, as the human population continues to grow in a world of finite resources. With a projected doubling in global meat consumption by the middle of the century, how can environmental impacts be minimised and animal welfare assured, as some quarters...

28th November 2012

AWSELVA's Winter Conference featured an exciting range of speakers on topics including pre-natal welfare, welfare at slaughter, legal and ethical considerations around length of life, and euthanasia for humans and animals.

26th June 2012

Is it ethical to use animals for our entertainment? Many sports and leisure activities use animals, but while we may enjoy these activities, the animals may not. What are the welfare implications of using animals for entertainment, how is the welfare of these animals assessed and when might we judge that using animals purely for our entertaiment is unethical? ...

19th November 2011

Leading international speakers, including Professor Peter Sandoe (University of Copenhagen), considered the ethics of animal welfare research and updated on current projects aiming to improve the lives of companion, farmed and other animals around the world.

23rd June 2011

Incorporating a public lecture by Temple Grandin: "Improving Animal Welfare: a Practical Approach".

2nd November 2010

Focussing on the welfare of dairy cows, working animals overseas, animals used in experiments and the affordability of animal welfare-friendly food, experts examined the effects that the difficult economic climate might be having on kept animals.

10th November 2009

Animal welfare policy was the subject of AWSELVA's 2009 autumn conference in London, including speakers from DEFRA and the British Veterinary Association.

29th April 2009

Global issues of animal welfare, climate change and sustainability were amongst the topics discussed by a range of academic and practical speakers including Michael Appleby (WSPA), Kate Rawles (University of Cumbria) and Roland Bonney (Food Animal Initiative).

29th October 2008

Speakers discussed aspects of teaching to school children, agricultural students, veterinary surgeons and nursing students, describing – and demonstrating – novel, IT-based and participatory innovations from around the world.