15th January 2018

Crustacean Compassion is an organisation that is campaigning for decapod crustaceans, such as lobsters and crabs, to be included within UK animal welfare legislation. There is now compelling scientific evidence that these animals can feel pain and...

24th November 2017

For animal welfarists an issue of immediate concern relating to Brexit and the UK's devolvement from EU law is the status of animals, in particular recognition of non-human animals as sentient beings in relation to their welfare. The current...

10th November 2017

Many experts think these animals shouldn’t be in your home. Turning them into pets raises numerous ecological and ethical questions.
New York Times

24th October 2017

UFAW seeks nominations for its prestigious Young Animal Welfare Scientist of the Year 2018 Award   As part of its commitment to science in the service of animal welfare and encouraging the next generation of animal welfare advocates, the...

13th October 2017

The trend of breeding animals to make them more attractive even when it damages their health has spread to horses, vets are warning, after a stable released images showing a ‘cartoon-like’ colt.
The Telegraph

6th October 2017

The Farm Animal Welfare Committee are currently recruiting for 4 new committee members. One farm animal expert with practical expertise in the ruminant sector Three experts in the science of farm animal welfare at killing All the details pertaining...

6th October 2017

The Humane Society recently filed an initiative in California demanding that the state's egg-laying hens be given more space—enough to essentially mandate a cage-free life for the state's birds.
Modern Farmer

6th September 2017

A festival has removed live sheep racing from its programme after 60,000 people signed a petition citing animal welfare concerns.
BBC News

4th September 2017

Perhaps it went slightly unnoticed, but the introduction of a pain control product for cattle represents a breakthrough in farm animal care in the United States. Welfare expert Dr Monique Pairis-Garcia explains why – and sheds her light on the...

1st September 2017

Bits have the potential to disrupt the breathing mechanism in horses, a recently published review says. Researchers David Mellor and Ngaio Beausoleil explore what they describe as breathing, breathlessness and bridles in their wide-ranging review of...