25th July 2017

l7enqirwsdp1jcejhfig.jpg Dr Steven McCulloch, Acting Director of the Centre for Animal Welfare and Lecturer in Human-Animal Studies, looks at the US Court of Appeal Naruto vs David Slater case and its relation to the animal rights debate.
Centre for Animal Welfare, University of Winchester

17th July 2017

Nearly every county in England has at least one industrial-scale livestock farm, with close to 800 US-style mega farms operating across the UK, new research reveals.
The Guardian

7th July 2017

More and more companies are beginning to produce meat in labs as a way to combat such issues as greenhouse gases emissions, overfishing and animal welfare concerns.  
BBC News

5th July 2017

An animal rights group is calling for an end to New Zealand’s “barbaric” war on possums after joeys were drowned in a bucket of water at a school fundraiser.
The Guardian

2nd July 2017

Typical of his breed and many other short-headed or brachycephalic dogs, Benny can't walk more than a few minutes at a time. He suffers from sleep apnoea and shakes with pain from cervical deformities.
Sydney Morning Herald

5th June 2017

With the general election taking place on 8 June, Dr Steven McCulloch, AWSELVA Treasurer and Lecturer in Human-Animal Studies based in the Centre for Animal Welfare at the University of Winchester, looks at the policies related to animal welfare set...
University of Winchester

12th May 2017

The Scottish Government has announced a wide-ranging package of measures designed to improve animal welfare, alongside the introduction of a bill to ban the use of wild animals in travelling circuses.
Vet Times

28th April 2017

Consumer concern over animal welfare issues has reached critical mass in the meat and poultry industries, creating a new generation of challenges and opportunities, according to a recent survey by researcher Packaged Facts.

22nd April 2017

ANIMAL welfarists have turned their attention to China, with the RSPCA securing a £359,000 grant to take the concept of higher welfare labelling to the country's huge livestock sector, and its increasingly affluent consumers.
The Scottish Farmer

11th April 2017

Sheep farming leaders have rejected government hints that animal welfare legislation could be tightened post-Brexit in order to enhance the appeal of British produce in global markets.
The Press and Journal